Warranty Terms and Conditions

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian or New Zealand Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

Advance Electronics Resources Pty Ltd (ABN 37 144 974 121) trading as Nakamichi (“NAKAMICHI”) provides the following warranty in relation to its television (“TV”) and consumer electronics products (“Non TV Products”) (Collectively the “Product”).

The benefits of this warranty are in addition to any rights and remedies imposed by Australian or New Zealand State and Federal legislation that cannot be excluded. Nothing in this warranty is to be interpreted as excluding, restricting or modifying any State or Federal legislation applicable to the supply of goods and services which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified.


Subject to the terms and conditions below, Nakamichi warrants that the Product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of twenty-four (24) months from the date of the original purchase. For Products with rechargeable batteries, the warranty period for the rechargeable battery or battery pack is 90 days from the date of original purchase (“warranty period”).

This warranty covers the original purchaser only and it is not transferrable if the Product is sold by the original purchaser.

If a defect appears in the Product before the end of the warranty period and Nakamichi finds the Product to be defective in materials or manufacture, Nakamichi will, in its sole discretion, either:

a) repair or replace the Product or the defective part of the Product free of charge; or

b) cause the Product or the defective part of the Product to be replaced or repaired by an authorised repair agent.

Nakamichi reserves the right to replace defective parts of the Product with parts and components of similar or better quality, specification, grade and composition where an identical product or component is not available. Products presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired and refurbished parts may be used to repair the Product.

If the Product is capable of retaining usergenerated data, repair of the Product may result in the loss of the data. User-generated data means any data stored on goods.

For full warranty Terms and Conditions please visit www.nakamichi.com.au/ewarranty

Warranty claim procedure

Before making a warranty claim, please:

  1. Check to ensure that the installation of all power cables to the power points and the Product are secure and that the power is turned on.
  2. Check all cables leads and connectors are connected properly and that all switches are turned on and functioning.
  3. Check that all settings are set according to the instruction manual. Please retain your original receipt, model and serial number of the Product ready for lodgement of your claim.
  4. Visit the Nakamichi website www.nakamichi.com.au anytime 24/7 and use the e-warranty service to make a claim.
  5. You will be asked to provide your model and serial number, and full details of the alleged defect.
  6. You will be provided with a Reference Number.
  7. If you purchased a TV product and your residence is within 25km of an Australian or New Zealand capital city, then Nakamichi may agree to visit your residence in order to inspect the goods. If your residence is outside 25km of an Australian or New Zealand capital city, then, unless otherwise agreed, you will then need to make the Product available, at Nakamichi’s direction, to Nakamichi or an authorized repair agent for inspection or testing. You must bear the cost of the transport of the Product to and from Nakamichi or the authorised repair agent to make the warranty claim, and all insurance of the Product. If you are required to transport the Product, you must ensure that it is securely packaged and secured.
  8. You will need to present your proof of purchase together with this completed warranty card to Nakamichi or the authorized repair agent.
  9. Once the product is received by Nakamichi or its authorized agent, it will be inspected and tested. If such inspection and testing finds no defect in the Product, you must pay Nakamichi’s cost of service work, evaluation and testing.
  10. This warranty is limited to defects in the materials or workmanship in the Product and does not cover expendable parts or the replacement of parts due to fair wear and tear.


The warranty will not apply where:

  1. the Product has been repaired, altered or modified by someone other than Nakamichi or an authorised repair agent;
  2. the defect has arisen due to, misuse, neglect, accident or abuse;
  3. the alleged defect in the Product is within acceptable industry variances;
  4. the defect in the Product has arisen due to the purchaser’s failure to properly install, use and maintain the Product in accordance with Nakamichi’s instructions, recommendations and specifications;
  5. the Product has been used other than for the purpose for which it was designed;
  6. the serial number, if any, has been removed or altered;
  7. the Product has not been registered;
  8. the original proof of purchase together with the completed warranty card cannot be produced;
  9. Nakamichi or its authorized repair agent cannot establish any fault in the Product after testing;
  10. there has been unauthorized access to internal components of the Product; or
  11. the Product has been subject to abnormal conditions, including environment, temperature, water, fire, humidity, pressure, stress or similar.
This warranty does not extend to:
  1. accessories; and/or
  2. defects caused by or resulting from causes not attributable to faulty parts or the manufacture of the Product, including but not limited to, defect or injury caused by or resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect, accidental damage, improper voltage, liquid spillage, vermin infestation, software, or any alterations made to the Product which are not authorised by Nakamichi or our authorised agents; and/or
  3. an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) / plasma panel consists of millions of tiny cells (pixels). During the normal manufacturing process, a few cell defects may occur. Those tiny dots visible on the screen have no adverse effect on the performance of the TV and the TV is not considered defective. Therefore the appearance of a few defective cells is not a sufficient cause for the TV to be returned; and/or
  4. image retention or burn-in can be a problem for phosphor based displays. In extreme cases this can be permanent. Such damage is not covered by this warranty.


Nakamichi makes no express warranties or representations other than set out in this warranty. The repair or replacement of this Product or part of this Product is the absolute limit of Nakamichi’s liability under this express warranty.